Special seminars

At a seminar, picture: Veikko SomerpuroFINAL SEMINAR: Interdisciplinary Environmental Research on Urban environment, Forest-Climate and Baltic Sea – Challenges and Solutions 20th November 2014

Past events:

HENVI and WW Finland joint seminar 22.10.2012: Green Economy and Biodiversity. The objective of the seminar was to find out connections and complementary interactions between green economy and global biodiversity protection. The panel discussion highlighted possibilities of better management of biodiversity with greening economy. The seminar was co-organized with WWF Finland who is celebrating its 40 anniversary. See the seminar presentations.

HENVI organised a final seminar where results from the Global Environmental Change Research Program were introduced by the research program reseachers. Seminar placed in new Environment House, address Viikinkaari 2a in seminar room Lammassaari 9th November 2011. See the seminar program (pdf).

HENVI organised together with Department of Political and Economic Studies, Development Communication (Ministry for Foreign Affairs  of Finland), Development Studies and Research  Network (HU-DEVNET) and Siemenpuu Foundation 30th of May 2011 book launch seminar: Footprints in Forest. Does Forestry Assistance Matter? See the seminar program and call for posters (pdf).

On September 2009 HENVI organised in collaboration with US Science Academy, Academy of Sciences of IR Iran and Hellenberg Internation Ltd. an environmental workshop: " Towards New Solutions in Managing Environmental Crisis" (14-15.9.2009, Haikko, Porvoo).

Introducing HENVI in Lahti 16.12.2008 (pdf-file in Finnish)

A visiting lecturer in Viikki, Helsinki, on 14.10.2008: prof. Jehng-Jung Kao, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan: The beautiful island Taiwan, environmental sustainability based budget allocation system, and sustainability map..

In the spring 2008, the Conference on development research organised by Finnish Society for Development Research was supported.

Other events supported have included e.g. the following ones: Ympäristö yhteiskuntateorioissa -symposium, Urban Spaces, Everyday Experience and Well-Being and Maisterit ja tohtorit – luonnonvara-alojen opiskelijoiden koulutustavoitteet ja työllistyminen.