Rethinking Urban Sustainability Ecosystem services as Treasures for the Future

HENVI Science Days 2012 will take place Monday - Wednesday 16th -18th April in the Main building of the University of Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki. The Science Days are free of charge and open to all who are interested in the subject.

The Science Days are held in close collaboration with HENVI research program ENSURE (Enhancing Sustainable Urban Development through Ecosystem Services).

HENVI Science Days 2012

The concept of ecosystem services provides a holistic and integrative approach for urban planning and management. The Science days aim to bring up the concept of ecosystem services in the context of urban sustainability, enhance the science-policy interface and support dialogue between science and society. The event will gather together researchers, students, authorities, politicians and representatives of the business sector.

In 2012 the HENVI Science Days will be organized as a three-day event. You can participate one to three days. Monday and Tuesday programs are held in English.

Monday 16th: International Scientific Meeting for Green Roof Research – Biodiversity and Ecosystem services
The aim of the scientific meeting is to introduce the current international green roof research to the Finnish audience and to discuss the possibilities of trans-disciplinary research on green roofs, with the focus on biodiversity and ecosystem service promotion on urban green roofs. Our goal is to find out the best solutions and practices for sustainable green roofs, which is hard to achieve without combining expertise from different fields.

Tuesday 17th Science meets society: Ecosystem services as Treasures for the Future
The aim of the seminar is to introduce the concept of ecosystem services as a holistic and integrative approach for urban planning and management. Green spaces in urban area offer regulating and cultural services such as air filtering, micro-climate regulation, recreation, enjoyment and health benefits. While the sustainability of ecosystem services in urban areas depends on biological boundary values for ecosystems' functioning and interactions between ecosystem services, it also depends on the interplay of these services with urban economy.

Keynote speakers are Prof. Roy Brouwer (Economic Valuation of the Environment at the University Amsterdam), Prof. Dagmar Haase ( Landscape Ecology at the Humboldt University Berlin), research director Paula Horne (Pellervo Economic Research PTT), Dr. Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University), Dr. Laura Musacchio (Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota), and Dr. Richard Pouyat (National Program Leader Bioclimatology, US Forest Service).

Wednesday 18th Two parallel morning workshops Rethinking Urban Sustainability and Citizen Science

Rethinking Urban Sustainability Workshop (in Finnish). How we can take services provided by nature seriously into account in urban constructions (green roofs) and planning (green areas)? The aim of the workshop is to enhance science-policy interface. Scientists together with urban planners develop practical tools for urban planning to quantify and qualify ecosystem services. The workshop is organized together with city of Helsinki, Viherympäristöliitto and Suomen Kuntaliitto.

Citizen science – with your laptop into the microcosm (in English and Finnish) “Do It Yourself laptop microscope” will take place in Seminar hall 6, Aleksanterinkatu 7. Have you ever wondered what kind of microscopic life you are surrounded by, but you did not have a microscope at hand? In the workshop participants will build a simple USB microscope for their laptop out of a simple USB webcam to explore the microscopic world of the immediate environment. The workshop will be led by artists and scientists of the Finnish Society of Bioart (Suomen Biotaiteen Seura ry) and Helsinki University Centre of Environment (HENVI). The available number of participants is limited to 15 persons.

Citizen science – with your laptop into the microcosm in Science Corner Welcome all to explore the microscopes built at the workshop and the tiny creatures of our immediate environment! The artists of the Finnish Society of Bioart will introduce how to build a USB microscope and HENVI scientist will answer questions concerning microscopic findings.

Science Days 2012Program of Tuesday 17th: Science Days: Ecosystem services as Treasures for the future


Science Days 2012Programs of Wednesday 18th workshops:
Rethinking Urban Sustainability Workshop (in Finnish)
Citizen Science Workshop


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The Science Days are a part of Forum for Environmental Information (FEI), that gathers together events aiming to enhance the use of scientific knowledge in decision-making.

The HENVI Science Days 2012 are financially supported by Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation.


For students

A Special course and workshop 4 cr. in connection to the Science Days will be arranged for students.


HENVI Science Days organizing committee

Kati Vierikko, Research coordinator, HENVI
Janna Pietikäinen, University lecturer in environmental teaching, HENVI
Heli Honkanen, Project Secretary, HENVI
with HENVI Scientific Board and HENVI Chair Jari Niemelä


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