Art&Henvi brings scientists and artist to collaborate

Green Zone

Art&HENVI project will show that artists and scientists can work together to translate factual information into actual and emotional experiences to offer new ways to understand new realities. These experiences can create public awareness and transform it into a culture of responsibility to become a cultural asset which benefits the society at large.

The recognized benefits of interdisciplinary work leads as well to an increasing development of collaborations between artists and scientists especially in the area of environmental research, biology and biotechnology. These collaborations are motivated by a mutual interest and concern towards the transformations of our everyday life and the environment we live in and depend on. Art and science are both practices based on intellectual creativity they shape our experience, perception and understanding of the world.

The Finnish Society of Bioart (Suomen Biotatieen seura ry) together with Helsinki University Centre For Environment HENVI created the project Art&HENVI to facilitate and interdisciplinary project between professional artists and scientists in three HENVI research projects (ENSURE, HENVI-Forest and MULTIDOM).

The result of the collaboration will be an artwork (installation, performance or participatory) which will be first presented during the Helsinki University program for the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 at the Think Corner with the opening date 22nd of November.

More information on Art&Henvi -project: Kati Vierikko and Erich Berger (erich.berger(at), +358-50-4338898).

The artists are shortly presented below. You can read more about their works in the Art&Henvi blogsite.

Laura Beloff/ Finland

With acclaimed international reputation as an artist, Laura Beloff’s works can be described as peculiar wearable objects, programmed structures and participatory, networked installations. In her pieces she combines technology fluently with various mediums ranging from video to textile, from sound to sculptural and organic materials. Many of her works deal with individuals in the global society trying to adapt to highly complex technologically enhanced world, which is becoming increasingly mobile. Beloff is working in ENSURE-project.

Mari Keski-Korsu/ Finland

Mari Keski-Korsu is a media artist. She is interested in storytelling and moments that befall. She explores nations as imaginary communities, tourism, presented identities and especially causalities of eco-social and structural changes in people's everyday life. She works with multi- and locative media applying process-oriented methods. She is concentrated for example on net and video art, net streaming happenings and live visual mixing. Keski-Korsu is working in HENVI-Forest -project.

Tuula Närhinen/ Finland

Tuula Närhinen is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She has a studio on the Harakka Island outside Helsinki. The visual material in most of her works have their origin in the Harakka Island's nature. "Images derived from scientific investigation are the core of Närhinen’s art, along with a dry sense of humor. She is an investigative artist, inventive and methodical. Her works are installations that consist of series of photographs, drawings or sculptures. She has built cameras that produce images of what she imagines the world looks to a fly or a bear, developed methods for letting trees trace the shape of wind on their branches, and found techniques for using cold winter air to create patterns on paper and glass. Närhinen is working in MULTIDOM-project.

Ursula Damm / Germany

Ursula Damm has become known for her installations dealing with geometry and its social impact on public space. Since 1995 these installations became interactive, dealing with architectural aspects on the basis of tracking technology of closed circuit video cameras ( from public places. Aside she developed numerous installation on the relationship of nature, science and civilization like Venus I-IV (part of the collection of the Ludwig-Museum Koblenz) or double helix swing (honorary mention ars electronica 2006). Damm is working in ENSURE-project.