Environmental philosophy / Ethics

Panu Pihkala´s doctoral thesis: "Joseph Sitter and Ecumenical Ecotheology." Research is funded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Research Centre of Finland and cooperation partner is European Forum for the Study of Religion and Ecology for instance. (Faculty of Theology)

Suvielise Nurmi´s doctoral thesis: ”Towards ecologically relational moral agency: Conceptual shifts in environmental ethics” (theological and social ethics, environmental philosophy and ethics). The research is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Finnish Graduate School of Theology, the Evangelical Lutheran Church Research Centre of Finland, the Templeton Foundation (USA) and the Tom Jarman Scholarship (UK). The cooperation partners in the project are the European Society for the Study of Religion and the Environment and the Nordic Society of Theological Ethics. (Faculty of Theology)

Jussi Pakkasvirta´s research: "Policies and Practices of Tourism Industry – A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Study on Central America" (POLITOUR). Research is funded by The Academy of Finland and it lasts until year 2014. See the POLITOUR poster. (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Urban ecology research group, headed by Jari Niemelä, concentrates on several themes of urban ecology and also nature biodiversity and conservation issues. Research is strongly multidisciplinary linking natural sciences and social sciences. Read more about urban ecology group (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences)