Built environment

Marja-Liisa Guzejev´s research related to noise sensitivity and influence of noise on human health. Professor Jaakko Kaprio acts as a project leader. Research is funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund. (Faculty of Medicine)

Anja Nygren´s research: "New forms of environmental governance: Managing the risks and vulnerabilities related to climate change in Southern cities." Research is funded by the Academy of Finland, Helsinki University and Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), México. (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Sirpa Tani´s research: "Dwelling with the City: Children and Young People as Participating Residents." Research is funded by The Academy of Finland for season 2011-2015. (Faculty of Behavioural Sciences)

Anna Uitto is responsible of the research: "Factors behind pupils’ and teachers’ sustainable actions" which is part of the project: "Sustainable Food Education for Self-Efficacy Development – SEED –How to encourage future citizens to act for a sustainable society."Cooperation partners are University of Oulu and MTT. Research is funded by The Academy of Finland. Read more about SEED. (Faculty of Behavioural Sciences)

Kaisa Huttunen, Juhani Hutru and Minna Autio´s research: "Smart Infrastructures for Electric Mobility in Built Environments" (SIMBe). Research partner is Aalto-University and business cooperation is diverse. Research is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES).(Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry)

Urban ecology research group, leaded by Jari Niemelä, concentrates several themes of urban ecology and also nature biodiversity and conservation issues. Research is strongly multidisciplinary linking natural sciences and social sciences. Read more about urban ecology group (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences)

Environment ecology research group is divided several research fields: water and soil ecology, ekotoxicology, environment chemistry and environment microbiology. One of the main research area is also urban ecosystems. (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences)

Department of Geosciences and Geography and its research field: "society, culture and developed environment" environmental research centres on the research of sustainable community and multicultural urban nature. Read more from department´s research site. (Faculty of Science)


Read also about HENVI´s new research program: Ecosystem services and sustainable urban development