All news from HENVI

News 2014

Helsinki University Centre for Environment:  Call for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research Programs 2015-2016 with the option for an extension 2017-2018 (6.5.2014)
HENVI Networking event - creating new partnerships for interdisiplinary environmental research Mon 6th June (6.5.2014)
Two Intensive courses on Baltic Sea (3.2.2014)
HENVI Science Days 2014: Past and Future Challenges in the Baltic Sea (20.1.2014)


News 2013

NEW Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences- DENVI (8.9.2013)
New PhD course: Connecting people and nature - The promise of ecosystem services (20.8.2013)
Interdisciplinary workshop course studies the connections between forests, forest management, policy and economics to climate change (8.2.2013)
HENVI Science Days 2013: Can forest management change climate? (24.1.2013)

News 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 (20.12.2012)
Henvi Spring Seminar 2013: Green Economy (20.12.2012)
Exhibition: PRIMA MATERIA 22.11.-13.12. (15.11.2012)
Multidisciplinary events in November (6.11.2012)
New forum for interdisciplinary conversation established (24.10.2012)
Registration for Green Economy and Biodiversity is open (18.9.2012)
Controlling climate change in Autumn seminar series 2012 (29.6.2012)
Baltic Sea weeks (13.8.-24.8) in Think corner, Aleksanterinkatu 7 (29.6.2012)
HENVI Science Days 2012 Abstract volume and presentation slides published (13.4.2012)
Urban Ecosystem Services: students' reports published (13.4.2012)

News 2011

HENVI Science days on Rethinking urban sustainability Ecosystem services as treasures for the future (21.12.2011)
HENVI Seminar Series spring 2012 program published (21.12.2011)
Research positions open at HENVI (11.12.2011)
Research positions open at HENVI (15.11.2011)
HENVI Global Environmental Change Research Program - Public Final Seminar 9th November (11.10.2011)
Agriculture and Forestry in a Changing World: Designing for the Future - seminar on 23 August 2011 (12.8.2011)
Baltic Sea Village in Kotka 28.-30.7. (4.8.2011)
HENVI Science Days 2011Report published (23.6.2011)
HENVI Semiar Series Autumn 2011: Food and Environment (23.6.2011)
Visistors from Japan in Viikki Campus (17.6.2011)
Call for applications for one Postdoctoral Researcher, MULTIDOM (16.5.2011)
Call for applications for one Postdoctoral Researcher (12.5.2011)
Feedback from HENVI Science Days 2011
Call for applications for one doctoral student position (4.5.2011)
Starting soon: course on Global Environmental Challenges given by Pekka Haavisto (18.4.2011)
Speech by the President of the Republic Tarja Halonen at the HENVI Science Days now published (15.4.2011)
HENVI Seminar Series spring 2011: Design for Sustainability (13.1.2011)
HENVI Science Days on Interdisciplinary Environmental Research and Teaching - Why Does Society Need Environmental Research? (13.1.2011)

News 2010

Seminar organised by HENVI and Dept. Forest Sciences: Biodiversity and changing land use systems (19.10.2010)
Call for Research Programs 2011-2014 (27.9.2010)
US Activist Ralph Nader visits the University! (30.8.2010)
Invitation to the Public Seminar 17 Aug 2010 on Ecosystem and Environmental Services in Agriculture and Forestry (9.8.2010)
HENVI Seminar Series Autumn 2010: Program published (10.6.2010)
Helsinki Summer School August 3 to 19: Ecosystem Services (26.4.2010)
HENVI Science Day: Man-made Subtances and Environment on 22 April: Register now! (8.4.2010)
Special course and workshop : Man-made substances and environment (19.01.2010)

News 2009

HENVI Seminar Series Spring 2010 and Science Day 2010 programs now available (16.12.2009)
HENVI will organise a USA -Iran Environmental Workshop (17.8.2009)
Grants for new environmental courses can be applied now (18.6.2009)
HENVI Seminar Series autumn 2009: Environment, Media and Arts (1.6.2009)
HERC Special Issue published in BER (9.4.2009)
European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) invites students to inauguration on 3 April (27.3.2009
HENVI invites applications for a research post (25.3.2009)
The research programme Global Environmental Change in HENVI Seminar series, beginning on 5th February 2009

News 2008

The call for applications for two posts of doctoral student extended (21.11.2008)
Four positions for HENVI-researchers are now open (13.10.2008)
Students can gain 1 cr in connection to HENVI seminars (25.9.2008)
HENVI Seminar Series begins on 25th September (18.8.2008)
Four research positions for three years are now open (4.6.2008)
New funding decisions have been made to promote environmental research at the UH (30.5.2008)
Environmental studies and the new introductory course were presented in the pedagogic conference in Turku (30.5.2008)
Helsinki University Centre for Environment established (30.5.2008)