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Arctic research in the University of Helsinki -report now available!

Today, the Arctic region is changing dramatically. The change is related to climate change, use of natural resources and land use, having diverse social, cultural and ecological impacts.
Interdisciplinary research is needed in order to understand the complexity of the Arctic change and to provide scientific basis for solutions. University of Helsinki (UH) is an important actor in the
Arctic scene, according to some estimate, producing around 20% of the Finnish Arctic research

We have limited knowledge about the Arctic research and other Arctic related activities that are conducted / carried out at the UH. This has led to lack of coordination in the field of Arctic research.
In order to overcome this gap, the UH conducted the survey on Arctic research and related activities in the UH on October 2014

The result of the survey are presented in the report that can be downloaded here.

Arctic research in the University of Helsinki- report

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