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HENVI Global Environmental Change Research Program:
Final Seminar Wed 9th November 2011

HENVI organises a final seminar where results from the Global Environmental Change Research Program are introduced by the research program reseachers. Seminar takes place in the new Environment House, address Viikinkaari 2a in seminar room Lammassaari Wed 9th November 2011

Seminar is open to all but please register latest on 2nd November via e-form

Seminar program:

9-9.30 Opening and Introduction to GEC-program: collaboration and experience , Jyrki Aakkula MTT and Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki /HENVI

Session: Climate Change
Chair: Ari Laaksonen (FMI)

Anca Hienola:
Studying atmospheric aerosols with regional climate model REMO
Michael Boy:
 New particle formation in the atmosphere – what are the important molecules?

10.45-11.05 Coffee

Climate change continues:
Chair: Kari Minkkinen (UH)
Paavo Ojanen:
Reducing emissions with peatland drainage?

12.00-13.00 Lunch (self-financed)

Session: Economics
Chairs: Jari Kuuluvainen (UH)

Sepul Barua:
Effects of taxes and climate policy instruments on forest harvesting

Kimmo Ollikka:
Climate policy instruments - auctioning of EU emission allowances

14.15-14.30 Coffee

Session: Land and water
Chair: Eila Turtola, (MTT)

Helena Soinne:
 Erosion of clay soils in Finland - Factors affecting aggregate stability

Timo Sipilä:
Agricultural management impacts on soil microbial communities and their ecosystem services

Joonas Nurmi:
Occurence and analysis of emerging contaminants in aquatic environment


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