Instructions for the WPR printing service

WPR or Web Print is a new printing style and service at the University of Helsinki. Web Print makes it easier to print with the University printers from the university's wireless networks or from the internet. There are two ways of using the service – you can either print finished PDF/PS files through your browser, or install a WPR printer on your own workstation, in which case you can print your jobs directly without converting them to PDF or PS format.


Sending finished PDF/PS files for printing through your browser.

This printing option works both from Internet and through wireless network. The service is, therefore, usable anywhere. You can send the print job from any device with a browser:

  • Sign in to the WPR service from the address Use your normal University of Helsinki login (max 8 characters) and password when signing in.

  • You cannot add a file for printing unless you have any printers on your favorites list. You can search for printers by using street addresses, for example.

  • By clicking the plus sign you can add the printer to your favorites. As the right side of the page starts to fill with these favorite printers, you can remove them by clicking the X.

  • Now your list of favourites should contain at least one printer. If there are several printers on the list, you will have to choose the printer you want to direct the job to by clicking the triangular arrow button next to the printer's name.
  • Clicking the pencil icon lets you type in a name to remember the printer by (e.g. 3rd floor, hall, on the table).

  • Choose the PDF or PS file to be printed from your workstation to the "Select file to print" field:


Do you always use the same printer? If so, you can make using WPR easier for yourself by making it your default printer. But first make sure that you are using WPR in compact mode (see the menu in the right side of the screen). When compact mode is enabled, you will see a screwdriver icon:

  • If you have set a default printer, it is selected when you open WPR. You can set a default printer by clicking Print settings -> Set printer as default -> Select your default printer.
  • The automatic printer receives all your WPR print jobs automatically. This function is only enabled while you are logged on to WPR. Enable the automated printer by clicking Print settings (screwdriver icon) -> Set printer as auto -> Select automated printer.

Printing from your workstation to WPR printers and accepting print jobs with your browser.

This printing option works from the university's wireless networks. You will need a browser to use it. The printing job will be sent to the printer you choose, as long as you have accepted it with your browser from the address
You can print your jobs directly without first converting them to PDF or PS format.

Do as follows: