Notes - Setting an Internet password (version 8.x)

Notes has a separate internet password to make web use more secure. Internet password is needed e.g. when using Notes databases or Notes-mail with your browser.

Internet password is set and changed at the locally installed Notes client.

  • Open Workspace and HY's Addressbook
  • Select your own name from the list and click Edit Person
  • Click the Enter password -button

When setting the password, it is displayed in plain text so that the user can check the spelling. The password will be encrypted when it is saved. The password is stored on the server only in its encrypted form, and after saving it cannot be decrypted in any circumstances. You must use the notes client for setting the password.

On the bottom of the first tab (Basics) in 'HY's Addressbook on Savotta', in the document for the person in question, you can find a setting for the internet password. In the below picture, the password has been set and saved. In this case, only the encrypted form of the password is visible instead of the password itself. The encrypted password, displayed in parentheses, cannot be used for authentication, and must only be taken as a sign that the password has been set.

ATTENTION Remember that your internet password must be different from your main user login password. If this is not the case, you can expect difficulties when authenticating to notes databases.