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April 6, 2017 at 14.00-17.00
Lecture hall 1 (Haartmaninkatu 3)

Organized by the Faculty of Medicine and the Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth), University of Helsinki.

The Science Fair 2017 focuses on psychology that – together with logopedics – became a part of the Faculty of Medicine this year. The Faculty of Medicine and the Doctoral School in Health Sciences welcome all staff and doctoral candidates to celebrate this event.


  14.00-15.00 Opening of the seminar: Vice Dean of Research,
Hannu Sariola
    Keynote speaker: Academy Professor Katri Räikkönen: "Prenatal programming of cognition and mental health"
  15.00-16.00 Presentations
    Laura Hokkanen: "Clinical neuropsychology: examining acquired and developmental cognitive deficits"
    Teija Kujala: "Neurocognition and plasticity in developing and aging brain"
    Marko Elovainio: "Psychosocial factors & health"
    Markus Jokela: "Bridging psychology and public health"
    Antti Latvala: "Why are studies of twins and siblings still essential for psychology in 2017?"
    Kimmo Alho: "Attention, distraction, and brain activity"
  16.00-17.00 Posters and reception (sparkling wine + snacks)


Doctoral students: poster and active participation 0.5 ECTS

Registrations by March 23

For more information:
Riikka Palonkorpi
Senior Advisor in Research Administration







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