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A new doctoral training system of four doctoral schools and 32 doctoral programmes was introduced in the University of Helsinki at the beginning of 2014. The new structure forms an entity which covers all doctoral candidates and research fields of the university. The aim of the reform is to further improve the quality and international visibility of doctoral training.

The Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth) is one of the four doctoral schools established at the University of Helsinki. The doctoral school is multidisciplinary by nature and consists of eight internationally and nationally networked doctoral programmes that approach life sciences from clinical, molecular and behavioral perspectives.

DSHealth aims to provide systematic, efficient and high-quality doctoral
training to prepare doctoral candidates for both professional careers in research and other positions of high expertise. Each DSHealth doctoral candidate has a personal supervisor for scientific guidance, and a thesis commitee to monitor and advise on the progress toward the doctoral degree. DSHealth course offerings and events cover academic topics as well as transferable skills and career planning. When working full time, the aim is to complete the doctoral degree in four years net time.





















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