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With the objective to train highly qualified experts with the skills required for both professional careers in research and other positions of expertise, the courses offered to doctoral candidates at DSHealth cover scientific and academic topics as well as transferable skills and career planning.

Most courses require prior registration. Shortly after closing the course registration,  course applicants will receive an e-mail concerning participation in the course. If the number of course applicants exceeds the number of available seats, the selection of course participants is typically based on:

Please note that in addition to courses organized by DSHealth and the doctoral programmes, courses by other organizers are also listed below. Thus, when registering for a course, kindly follow the specific instructions provided by the course organizer.

Decision of the DSHealth Board on August 22, 2016:
If a doctoral candidate has 2 *no-shows* within 12 months in courses organized by DSHealth/doctoral programmes, (s)he is not entitled to DSHealth/doctoral programme travel grants in the next application round. Tracking of the *no-shows* will start on September 1, 2016.

 (*no-show* = registered participants do not inform the organizers in time if they decide to skip the course/event they have signed up for)


Transferable skills training

Activate your career in life sciences

Scientific content courses


European course portal for doctoral training courses in biomedical sciences

CSC Training and Events

Training for teaching and research staff:
* Academic supervision (UP3)
* Ohjaus yliopistossa (YP3)
* Courses in Flamma

Training in pedagogics
* Meilahti Campus
* Viikki Campus

TERKKO courses & events:
Courses organized by Meilahti Campus Library Terkko

FOSTER courses on Open Science:
*Introduction to Open Science
*Open Access to publications in Horizon 2020

Swedish e-Science Education (SeSE)
* courses
* information for course applicants

Helsinki Think Company events coming up

Open Access:
Documents by UH Library:

* Open access support in TERKKO
* Research Data Management
* Measuring Research Impact
* Open Access publishing