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Craniofacial Development and Malformations Research Group

Scientific activity

Our research is aimed at understanding the molecular basis of morphological change during craniofacial development. We use two model systems: the developing palate and the developing calvarial bone and sutures. Understanding the developmental processes underpinning these systems also gives us a greater insight into the molecular pathogenesis of diseases that result when normal development is disrupted, notably cleft palate and craniosynostosis (premature fusion of the calvarial sutures). These are the two most common craniofacial anomalies. Affected individuals and their families suffer profound effects that require extensive multidisciplinary treatment over many years.

Our studies also have wider implications for developmental biology and biomedical science as we investigate the processes of growth factor signaling, tissue-tissue interactions, morphological change, mesenchymal condensation formation (cell proliferation, death and adhesion).

The research group is based at Biomedicum, the biomedical research institution at the University of Helsinki. We are linked to the developmental biology programme at the University of Helsinki, which is split between Biomedicum (Meilahti campus) and Institute of Biotechnology (Viikki campus).



Group Leader Rice, David
  Professor of Orthodontics & Principal investigator, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital
Group Wael Mohammed S Awadh BDS
  Md Rakibul Hasan MSc
  Ma Hongqian PhD
  Tuija Mustonen PhD
  Lauri Mäkinen Dental student
  Linda Päivinen Dental student
  Lotta Veistinen DDS, PhD
  Thomas Åberg DDS, PhD
Former Gorup members ElaineConnor PhD
  Eva Lana-Elola PhD
  Ritva Rice PhD
  Yukiho Kobayashi (Tanimoto), DDS, PhD
  Maarit Takatalo PhD
  Kirsi Alakurtti PhD
  Hiroo Kuroki DDS, PhD



Academy of Finland, Sigrid Juselius Foundation, University of Helsinki Research Fund, Helsinki University Hospital Research Fund (Yliopistotasoisen Terveyden Tutkimus).

Selected publications

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