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JH Meurman research group


Research interests

The aim of our research is to understand the associations, mechanisms and interactions between aspects of oral health and systemic health, with emphasis on medically compromised patients. We have investigated oral infections, microbiology and salivary factors in critically ill patients, particularly cancer and lymphoma patients, and in patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, type-2 diabetes, rheumatic and renal diseases, pregnancy complications, and in the elderly. Activity has also been devoted on the development and application of molecular biological techniques in detecting oral pathogens from saliva and tissue samples. A new research area of probiotic bacteria and their general and oral health effects has been started together with studies on oral yeast infections, in particular in oral cancer patients.

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Jaana Helenius-Hietala wins IADR/Unilever Hatton prize

PER/IADR –congress, Helsinki, Finland, Septemper 12-15.2012

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Research Group Meeting 21.11.2008
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J.H. Meurman Research group: PowerPoint presentation for International assessment panel in 2007


1) To investigate by statistical methods associations and interactions between oral infections and general health, using patient materials of cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, rheumatic diseases, liver diseases and older adults.
2) To investigate if oral infections affect the course and outcome of pregnancy.
3) To develop molecular biological methods for studying oral micro-organisms in patients samples.
4) To investigate the biology and role of oral micro-organisms, particularly the non-albicans Candida strains, in oral cancer.
5) To study the mechanisms of function and effect of probiotics in oral ecology and oral medicine.

Study group meetings

In addition to daily-base working meetings we have basically two-three study groups gathering annually. These are traditionally organized in relaxed atmosphere and often outside the University premises. The aim of these informal gatherings is to bring researchers of different disciplines together for translational discussions and to met with colleagues and friends. During international congresses we also plan to spend one night together where all presenters meet, often in a restaurant with good food and good wine.



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