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Helsinki University Museum


Contact information:

P.O. Box 3 (Unioninkatu 34)
00014 University of Helsinki

Fabianinkatu 33 (3. floor)
Opening hours
Tue-Thu 12-17, Fri 12-16
Summer break 19.6.-31.7.2017.




The collections of the University Museum contain objects pertaining to the administrative history of the University and to tuition and research. A large part of the collection of objects consists of different kinds of observation material, but the collections also include instruments used in treatment by doctors, veterinarians and dentists. Altogether the collection features approximately 45,000 objects, but of which only a minor part is available for display.

The art collection of the University is administrated by the museum. Helsinki University has a large collection of portraits as well as many other paintings and sculptures.

The photography collection of the museum containsphotographs of persons who have worked at the University, photographs related to teaching, research, medicine and veterinary medicine. Altogether the collection comprises some 58,000 photos.

The library of medicine contains literature from the 17th century onwards and literature onthe history of medicine and health care.

Contact: yo-museo (at)

Photo Patrik Rastenberger.