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Professor Hannes Lohi
Department of Veterinary Biosciences
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Program for Molecular Medicine
Research Programs Unit, Faculty of Medicine
Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics
phone +358-9-191 25085
fax +358-9-191 25073
hannes.lohi -at- helsinki.fi  

Scientific Coordinator:
Dr. Erkki Raulo
Tel: +358-9-191 58753
Mobile: +358-50-5964665

Communications Officer:
Anita Tienhaara
Tel: +358-9-191 59656
Fax: +358-9-191 59550


The GPBM porgram is fused to the new Integrative Life Science doctoral prgoram ILS starting January 2014. These pages will be available for a while but the information here will not be updated. For updated information please click here to proceed to the ILS page>>>


GPBM International PhD Training Program

GPBM - is an international PhD training program of the Biocentrum Helsinki organization administered at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki.

Research groups at the University of Helsinki, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are involved in the 4-year PhD Program. Students get a salary, and the graduate program organizes courses and symposia that are accepted for the formal studies. Teaching in these courses is in English.





The BiotechClub is a graduate student organization devoted to increasing interest in and promoting understanding of the Industry/Academia interface.

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