Post-conference excursions

When the conference ends on Wednesday, June 12, three optional excursions will be offered for different views of our northern capital and culture. Two groups – a Design District walk and forest hike – will depart from the Main Building about 30 minutes after the conference closing. The pub crawl will leave from the Main Building at a later start time of 18.00. The excursions should last about three hours.

The excursions are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis and are not included in the conference registration fees. In addition to these conference excursions, the annual Helsinki Day festivities will be held on June 12, offering a full programme of activities and events.

Design District walk

Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012. One of the best ways to get a glimpse of the famous Finnish design is to explore the Design District Helsinki which conveniently locates all kinds of shops, galleries, boutiques and cafes dedicated to art, fashion and design. Our walk around these displays of sophisticated taste and creativity will culminate in a visit to the Design Museum which will give structure to our first impressions of the Finnish mastery.

Departure time: 16:00, Main Building
Excursion leader: Svetlana Vetchinnikova
Cost: 8€/3€ (students) Design Museum entrance fee, plus you might be tempted to do some art shopping along the way
Total walking distance: 2 - 2,5 km

Pub crawl

A pub crawl provides both a walk around the city centre and a casual evening with friends. Your guide will introduce you to Helsinki's summertime pub culture and some of the local flavour(s). The route and selection of pubs will be customised to the group's size and sense of adventure. In addition, the city centre will be buzzing with the activities of Helsinki Day.

Departure time: 18.00, Main Building
Excursion leader: Henrik Hakala
Cost: depends on how thirsty you are!

Ramsinniemi forest area
The hike ends on the shores of the Baltic
Source: Ray Carey

Urban forest hike

When arriving by plane, you probably noticed that Finland is a big forest. There are many forest preserves throughout Helsinki which are big enough to get lost in. Your guide will lead you through his favourite lähimetsä, a Finnish concept best summarised as "the forest near my home". We will travel by metro to the eastern suburbs of Helsinki, where seaside forests abound.

The trail follows rolling hills and passes glacial boulder mounds, giant ant hills, and a hilltop swamp. Foxes and elk have been spotted here as well. We'll rest at the end of a peninsula overlooking the Baltic archipelago with a view that will make you forget that you're inside a European capital.

Fair warning: this is a rugged, rocky trail and proper hiking shoes are recommended. Some areas are marshy and wet, and mosquitos abound (it's part of the Finnish experience; bug spray will be available). You will indeed come in contact with dirt. The overly civilised among you have been warned.

Departure time: 16.00, Main Building
Excursion leader: Ray Carey
Cost: 2,20 € metro fare (each direction)
Total walking distance: 5-6 km
Bring: comfortable shoes, water & snacks

Create your own excursion

Helsinki is a popular tourist destination, and there's no shortage of sights and activities. If you're still in town on Wednesday evening (12.6), check out the wide range of events for the annual Helsinki Day. If you wish to create your own sightseeing itinerary, here are some useful links to get you started.

Helsinki region

Midnight Sun

Many visitors want to journey further north to experience the Midnight Sun:

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