Full section schedules & abstracts
(updated 1.6.13)

Monday, June 10

Block A (14.00-15.30)

Section 1: Varieties of Asia & Africa

Section 2: English in language policies

Section 3: Phraseology & formulaic language

Section 4: Teaching & learning English

Block B (16.00-17.00)

Section 1: English & identity in higher education

Section 2: Social impacts of English in Europe

  • Francesca Vigo, University of Catania
    Lexis, society and language contact. A diachronic corpus-based analysis of English and Italian social lexical forces

    • Abstract:

      The spread of English is currently being widely studied and the language systems involved in this process, namely 'Standard' English and ELF (especially ELF Europe), are consistently analysed and described in depth. How speakers use English, how much they are effective and successful, how far and how often they use it, how communicatively proficient they are and how creative they are are issues that have been variously raised and studied.

      Conversely, what happens to English when it gets to another culture and mixes with the language/s of that culture is not equally studied even though sometimes the changes English undergoes in other 'countries' affect it as well. Language contact is strikingly visible mostly and firstly on the lexical level; words can then be considered important hints of how the two languages and cultures merge and how society is shaped accordingly.

      Our paper aims at investigating how the English 'domestic' lexical change, i.e. the normal development of its lexis, manages to describe social and cultural changes and whether its behaviour and descriptive force can be retrieved in the English 'international' lexical change. For the purpose of the research a diachronic corpus-based analysis will be conducted on English corpora and the results will be compared to those of a corpus-based analysis conducted on Italian corpora. The focus will be on socially significant words such as: same-sex marriage as opposed to gay-marriage etc.

  • Anna Gonerko-Frej, University of Szczecin
    Out of the shadow of Her Majesty's Secret Service into the world of ELF. Struggling for a new understanding of English in post-communist Poland.

Section 3: Variation & global implications

Tuesday, June 11

Block A (10.30-11.30)

Section 1: Explorations in ICE

Section 2: Corpora in the Expanding Circle

Section 3: Perceptions of English in Asia

Section 4: Internationalization of higher education

Block B (14.00-15.00)

Section 1: Creoles & contact linguistics

Section 2: Investigating universals

Section 3: Perceptions of English in Asia (cont.)

Block C (15.30-17.00)

Section 1: English in professional settings

Section 2: Theoretical challenges & openings

Section 3: Emerging norms in global English

Section 4: Internationalization of higher education (cont.)

Wednesday, June 12

Block A (10.30-11.30)

Section 1: Studies in UK varieties

Section 2: Loanwords & borrowings

Section 3: Computer Mediated Communication

Section 4: Lexicon & lexicography

Block B (13.00-14.00)

Section 1: Studies in ELF corpora

Section 2: Bilingualism & multilingualism

Section 3: Computer Mediated Communication (cont.)