Full section schedules & abstracts
(updated 1.6.13)

Monday, June 10

Block A (14.00-15.30)

Section 1: Varieties of Asia & Africa

  • Lukas Pietsch, University of Hamburg; and Peter Siemund, University of Hamburg
    Singapore English: a look back into its recent past
  • Cristina Suarez-Gomez, University of the Balearic Islands
    You return that terrorist which you've arrested: an analysis of postmodifying clauses in Asian Englishes

    • Abstract:

      This paper examines morphosyntactic variation in Asian Englishes, looking specifically at postmodifying clauses, which comprise both relative clauses and participial clauses. Drawing on data from the ICE corpora, it compares the distribution of postmodifying clauses in the Englishes of Hong-Kong, India, Singapore and the Philippines with that found in other varieties of English, specifically British English (Quirk 1957, Ball 1996, Tottie 1997) and American English (Geisler & Johansson 2002). In particular we will consider (i) linguistic factors such as the form and degree of animacy of the antecedent and the distance between the antecedent and the relative clause, and (ii) extralinguistic issues, such as the effect of cognitive constraints typically associated with language contact situations, and the impact of sociocultural factors, which can often determine differences between varieties. An examination of these issues uncovers specificities in the distribution of postmodifying clauses that are related both to the different degrees of development of the corresponding local standard variety (Schneider 2007) and to the interaction between the superstrate and the different substrate languages.

  • Thomas Brunner, University of Regensburg
    Structural Nativization in Noun Phrase Structures in New Englishes

Section 2: English in language policies

Section 3: Phraseology & formulaic language

Section 4: Teaching & learning English

Block B (16.00-17.00)

Section 1: English & identity in higher education

Section 2: Social impacts of English in Europe

Section 3: Variation & global implications

Tuesday, June 11

Block A (10.30-11.30)

Section 1: Explorations in ICE

Section 2: Corpora in the Expanding Circle

Section 3: Perceptions of English in Asia

Section 4: Internationalization of higher education

Block B (14.00-15.00)

Section 1: Creoles & contact linguistics

Section 2: Investigating universals

Section 3: Perceptions of English in Asia (cont.)

Block C (15.30-17.00)

Section 1: English in professional settings

Section 2: Theoretical challenges & openings

Section 3: Emerging norms in global English

Section 4: Internationalization of higher education (cont.)

Wednesday, June 12

Block A (10.30-11.30)

Section 1: Studies in UK varieties

Section 2: Loanwords & borrowings

Section 3: Computer Mediated Communication

Section 4: Lexicon & lexicography

Block B (13.00-14.00)

Section 1: Studies in ELF corpora

Section 2: Bilingualism & multilingualism

Section 3: Computer Mediated Communication (cont.)