Full section schedules & abstracts
(updated 1.6.13)

Monday, June 10

Block A (14.00-15.30)

Section 1: Varieties of Asia & Africa

Section 2: English in language policies

Section 3: Phraseology & formulaic language

Section 4: Teaching & learning English

  • Yasemin Bayyurt, Bogazici University
    A corpus based study of authorial voice in ELF academic writing

    • Abstract:

      While writing an academic text, the author uses various interpersonal markers to project her/himself and clarify her/his attitudes and commitments to the subject of discussions. From the readers' point of view, it helps connect and organize the text and facilitates interpretation in ways suggested by the writer in accord with the values of a particular discourse community. The use of metadiscoursal markers in this way enables authors to attend the face needs of both their readers and themselves. In order to understand whether there are particular patterns in academic writing in ELF contexts a corpus based approach is needed. This study focuses on the exploration of the use of authorial voice (i.e., the use of pronouns "I" and "we") and modality in Freshman year university students at an English medium state university in Istanbul, Turkey. 80 undergraduate university students from the Department of English Language Education participated in the study. The students are asked to write argumentative essays on topics that are provided by their classroom instructors. 60.000 words Corpus constituting a part of Bogazici University English Language Learner Corpora (BUELC) is analyzed via use of simple concordancing program (version 4.07). Results show divergences in the frequency and distribution of the use of first person pronouns and modal "can", which reveal the existence of pragmatic and cultural factors that may prevent the projection of a firm and self-assuring authorial voice in academic essays written by Turkish university students.

  • Junmei Cai, Shanghai International Studies University; Xuemei Zhang, University of Szeged; and Yunqiu Liu, East China Normal University
    A Corpus Analysis of Chinese Learners' Acquisition of High-Frequency-Verb MAKE
  • Enrico Grazzi, University of Roma Tre
    ELF in the English classroom: an ethnographic survey on the integration of web-mediated activities into ELT

Block B (16.00-17.00)

Section 1: English & identity in higher education

Section 2: Social impacts of English in Europe

Section 3: Variation & global implications

Tuesday, June 11

Block A (10.30-11.30)

Section 1: Explorations in ICE

Section 2: Corpora in the Expanding Circle

Section 3: Perceptions of English in Asia

Section 4: Internationalization of higher education

Block B (14.00-15.00)

Section 1: Creoles & contact linguistics

Section 2: Investigating universals

Section 3: Perceptions of English in Asia (cont.)

Block C (15.30-17.00)

Section 1: English in professional settings

Section 2: Theoretical challenges & openings

Section 3: Emerging norms in global English

Section 4: Internationalization of higher education (cont.)

Wednesday, June 12

Block A (10.30-11.30)

Section 1: Studies in UK varieties

Section 2: Loanwords & borrowings

Section 3: Computer Mediated Communication

Section 4: Lexicon & lexicography

Block B (13.00-14.00)

Section 1: Studies in ELF corpora

Section 2: Bilingualism & multilingualism

Section 3: Computer Mediated Communication (cont.)