Master's Degree Programme in Media and Global Communication (MGC)

MGC master's programme at the University Helsinki


MGC Conferences and Seminars

Media and Global Communication Master's Degree Programme organises international seminars and conferences:

Post-Democracy and the Media, International seminar to be held on 17.2.2017.


250 symposium – right to know – transparency and openness in public life.14.10.2016
To mark the 250th anniversary of the 1766 Freedom of Information Act, the University of Helsinki hosts a symposium to discuss the meaning and realization of citizens' information rights, transparency and openness in contemporary public life.

Academic Freedom and the Turkish Turmoil: Symposium on Academic Freedom in Turkey, 25.08.2016

The Promotional Turn International conference on promotional logics in current societies, 18 March 2016

European Media Policy 2015: New Contexts, New Approaches, 2015

Post-humanitarian Communication, 2014

Conflict of Public Values and Private Interests? European Media in 2012

Crisis in the Media, Media in Crisis, 2011

Inaugural Seminar: ‘New Times, New Keywords – Media and Global Communication in the 21st Century’. 2009