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Gerbera Laboratory
Dept. of Agricultural Sciences
Latokartanonkaari 7
PO Box 27
00014 Univ. of Helsinki

Fax +358 9 191 58727

Group leaders

Prof. Teemu Teeri
teemu.teeri (at)
+358 9 191 58380

Prof. Paula Elomaa
paula.elomaa (at)
+358 9 191 58431

Dept. of Agricultural Sciences Viikki Campus


Gerbera Laboratory

Molecular biology of inflorescence development and secondary metabolism in Gerbera hybrida

Our favorite research model, Gerbera hybrida is a common ornamental plant that belongs to the large Asteraceae plant family. It has a very complex inflorescence (capitulum) that consists of hundreds of morphologically and functionally diverse flower types (ray, trans and disc flowers). Our research interests are focusing on genes involved in regulating flower organ identities as well as flower type determination and differentiation – their functions, evolution and the regulatory networks they are involved in.  In addition, we are exploring gerbera secondary metabolism, e.g. regulation of anthocyanin pigmentation and biosynthesis of bitter tasting compounds involved in plant’s defence against fungal diseases and insects. As major tools, we use multiple molecular biological and (bio)chemical methods as well as transgenic plants.