HEVI - Urban rivers and streams in Helsinki
The aim of HEVI research is to find out water quality of all 24 urban streams in Helsinki during different seasons of year. The areal statistics of the catchments are examined from the air photos and the local databases with Micro Station and MapInfo GIS-programs and those results are combined with the water quality information.

Another scope of this research is to find out characteristic annual loads of different land use types to receiving water bodies in Helsinki city.
LUPU - The effects of urban development to Stream Lukupuro
The aim of LUPU - project is to study hydrological and water quality changes caused by urban development and land use change at Stream Lukupuro catchment, city of Espoo. Most of the catchment will be transformed from the agriculture area to a modern urban environment between 2005-2015.



Professor Matti Tikkanen
 +358 9 191 50 767 (office)

Senior lecturer Olli Ruth
+358 9 191 50 765 (office)
+358 40 5628 348 (mobile)