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Courses and Lectures

The aim is to finish the M.Sc. programme in two years. The first phase consists of compulsory geoinformatics method courses arranged by the Department of Geography as a part of major study, and a minor study in Methodological Sciences arranged by Faculty of Science. In the second phase, a student may specialize in one or a few specialization lines according to his/her interests. The specialization lines can, for example, be geographical analysis, environmental studies, remote sensing, geohydrological studies, geoinformation techniques or computer sciences.

The available courses consist of the palette of courses arranged by the Department of Geography, the Department of Forest Resource Management, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Helsinki. The students may also apply for the Flexible Study Right (JOO) to include some courses from the Helsinki University of Technology. In addition to these courses, the students may select courses from the Finnish Virtual University of Geoinformatics.

The M.Sc. thesis to be done to the Department of Geography will finish the studies. The thesis can be done in the field of the specialization lines under the supervision of Department of Geography and a specific partner in the field of specialization.


Available courses and lectures:

GI method courses

56301 Remote sensing methods (5 cu) Prof. Pellikka, II per. (3.11.–24.11.)Tue 12-14, Wed 10-12,Thu 12-14;Tue and Wed hall E207, Thu hall D112, Physicum.
Harjoitukset kahdessa ryhmässä / Practicals in two groups, II period, (3.11.–16.12.)
Ryhmä 1 ti, to 16–20, A113 (suomeksi/In Finnish)
Group 2 Wed 16–20, Fri 15–19, A113 (In English)

56285 Introduction to remote sensing (2 cu) Prof. Pellikka, IV per. (17.3-31.3) Wed 10–12. E207, Physicum.Harjoitukset: Yliop. lehtori Siljander. (7.4-28.4.). Ryhmä 1 Wed 8-10, Ryhmä 2 Wed 10-12, A114, Physicum.

562820 Raster GIS in environmental studies (5 cu) Yliop. lehtori Siljander, I per. (9.9.–21.10.) Wed 12 –16, A113-A114, Physicum

56304 Seminar in GI (5 cu) Prof. Pellikka, Wed 14–16, I per. (7.10.–22.10.), II per. (4.11.–16.12.), IV pre.(17.3–5.5.) D104, Physicum.

56315 Geoinformatiikan jatkokurssi / Advanced geoinformatics (3 op) Yliop. lehtori Siljander, III per. (19.1.–2.3.). Luennot Wed 10–12, E205, Physicum harjoitusryhmät:
Ryhmä 1 Thu 9-12 (21.1-4.3.) A113, Physicum. (tilaa 11 opiskelijalle)
Ryhmä 2 Thu 12-15 (21.1-4.2.) A113 ja A114, Physicum. (tilaa 22 opiskelijalle)


Methodological sciences

Organized mainly by the Department of Computer Science. Instructions on how to register for the courses can be found from their web site.

581325 Introduction to programming (5 cu) Lecturer Arto Wikla 07.09. MON 10-12 B123, 10.09. THU 14-17 A111, 14.09.-15.10. MON 12-14, THU 14-17 A111

582103 Advanced course in Programming (4 cu) Lecturer Arto Wikla 02.11.-10.12. MON 12-14, THU 14-16 A111

58160 Programming project (4 cu) University Lecturer Tomi Pasanen 07.09. MON 10-11 D122, MON 11-12 B221, 28.09. MON 10-11 D122, MON 11-12 B221

58127 Programming in C (4 cu) University Teacher Päivi Kuuppelomäki 08.09.-16.10. TUE 10-12 CK112

Introduction to statistics (10 cu) Teacher Xiaojin Dong, Periods I and II, Tuesday 8-10 in U40 Sali 7, Friday 10-12 in U40 Sali 9, starting on September 15. (U40 stands for Unioninkatu 40, Metsätalo)


Specialization GI courses

Geographical applications

Participatory GIS in development studies (3 cu) M.Sc. Johansson, August 2010 in the Helsinki Summer School TBA


Remote sensing

56455 Airborne remote sensing (5 cu) M.Sc. Gonsamo IV per. (19.3.–7.5.) pe 8–12, A114, Physicum. Processing and analysis of digital aerial imagery using Erdas Imagine and EnsoMOSAIC. Intake 11 students, lectures on-line.

563010 Advanced remote sensing (4 cu), M.Sc. Gonsamo and M.Sc. Clark, III per. (21.1.–4.3.)
Luennot/Lectures to 12–14, D112, Physicum. (In English)
Ryhmä 1 (26.1-4.3.) ti ja to; Tue and Thu 16–20, A114, Physicum (In English)

Maa 57.2050 General photogrammetry (3 cu) Dr. Rönnholm, period II, (3.11.-11.12.2009) lectures Tue and Wed 12-14, hall 1M3 at the Helsinki University of Technology

Maa 57.2040 General remote sensing (3 cu), period I (9.9.-1.11. 2009) Wed and Thu 8-10, hall 1M3 at the Helsinki University of Technology


Environmental applications

GIS10 GIS analysis and modelling (3 cu) Dr. Holopainen, 19.1.-2.3.2010 Tue 8-10 and Tue 14-17 seminar room 11, B-house and GIS lab 443 in Viikki

GIS4 Principles of GIS 2 (4 cu), Dr. Holopainen, (15.3.-5.5.2010) Mon 12-17, Tue 14-17 and Wed 14-17 Room B7 and GIS lab 443 in Viikki campus


More information about the courses available at the University of Helsinki (link) and at the Helsinki University of Technology (link) can be found from their WebOodi systems.

Notice! The timetables of the study periods are different at the University of Helsinki and at the Helsinki University of Technology. All courses having a code, which begins with an alphabet are organized by the Helsinki University of Technology.

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