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Master's Degree Programme in Geoinformatics (GIMP)
About the Master's Degree Programme

The Master's Degree Programme in Geoinformatics (GIMP) provides advanced training for students in the theory and techniques of geoinformatics and supports them to apply these principles and methods to the production, management and analysis of geographic information as well as to the construction of georaphic information databases and systems.

The interdisciplinary programme is targeted in geoinformatics applications in natural resource assessment and management, environmental conservation and geographical analysis. The students will also be trained to visualize and represent geographical information. The last call for applications was organized in February 2010 and the programme will no longer accept new students. The Master's Degree Programme in Geoinformatics will end in 2012.

The GIMP is implemented by the University of Helsinki and coordinated at the Department of Geosciences and Geography.

Chawia, Taita Hills, Kenya 3D Image