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University of Helsinki Department of Geography
Department of Geography
About Ritva Kivikkokangas-Sangren:
Ritva Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, Ph.D.
Senior lecturer in Development Geography
The Erasmus-Socrates-Coordinator in Geography
Elected official at the Labour Union of Academic Fileds in Finland
Department of Geography,
P.O. Box 64, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland,
tel. +358-(0)9-191-50791
fax +358-(0)9-191-50760


The Coordinator of the Department's bilateral Sokrates/Erasmus exchange program (with the Geography Departments in Bath, Barcelona, Liverpool, Berlin, Münster, Tartu and Tours ) and all international exchange and visitor inquiries should be directed to Dr. Ritva Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, at Room A133

Research interests and activities:

-Field studies in developing countries: research on development
cooperation and field courses for geography students in advanced level
in Africa, Latin America, Central America and Sout-East Asia (1975-2004).
2003: Kambodza-Vietnam: The flood control of the Mekong River, with a
special reference to the Tonle Sap Lake and Delta region.
2000: Sustainable forestry and ecotourism in the ethnic Highlands of
1999: Urbanization in Bolivia. The urban migration of Indian people to
El Alto and La Paz regions.
1998: Alternative tourism in the Middle East. The Palestine case.
1997: Forest fire control project in Namibia. The East Caprivi case.
1996: Urban ecology and sanitation projects of the NGOs. A special
reference to the womens' organisations of ENDA.
1995: Culture and nature conservation in Indonesia. Environmental
education for the sustainability of natural resources in Java.
1993: Two field research projects of forest utilization and
reforestation in Palawan and Mindanao. Local people's participation in
treefarming for sustainable forestry.
1989: Land use and settlement in the Taita-Taveta region of Kenya.
1985: Land use systems in the Amazonian Upper Selva, North-East Peru.
Cases fromthree villages.
1984-89: Coordinating the electrifiction project in the Cuzco region, Peru.
1982: Evaluation of the water project in Busia, Western Kenya for
development cooperation between Finland and Kenya.
1979: Field study in Tanzania and Kenya: The Nordic Agricultural Project
in Mbeya.
1975: Land use, human settlements and the change of culture in Morogor,
Tanzania and the Highlands of Kenya.

Other academic and administrative activities:
1996- Academic coordinator of the Christina Institute for Women's Studies
2003- Supervisor for DEVESTU, The Finnish Graduate School for
Development Studies at the University of Helsinki (coordinator since 1996).
1995-2004- Elected official at the Labour Union of Academic Fields in
Finland (AKAVA/TTL/HYT).

Academic publications:
(Some recent selections from 90 publ.)

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. & V.-P. Tynkkynen (ed. 2003). Elämää kaduila ja riisipelloilla. Kambodza ja Vietnam maantieteilijän silmin. Helsingin yliopiston maantieteen laitoksen tutkimusraportteja 39. Yliopistopaino, Helsinki. 123 p.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R., T. Lipponen & S. Mäkinen (2002). Havaintoja Guatemalan matkailusta: vetovoima, matkailijatyypit ja riskit. Terra 114: 3, 193-200.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. & I. Kaakinen (ed. 2001). Guatemala: paisajes traditionales, vida Caribena y piramides mayas. Perinnemaisemia, Karibiaa ja maya-pyramideja. Helsingin yliopiston maantieteen laitoksen tutkimusretkiraportteja 36, 85 p.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. (2001). What is behind the WTC-terrorism. A permanent conflict of land and water between Israel and Palestine. Marhaba 2001: 32-38.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. (2000). From political to environmental conflict in the development of tourism in the context of water problem in Israel and Palestine. Fennia 178: 2, 193-202.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. (ed. 2000). NADG-Fennia. Fennia 178:2,192-262.

Eriksson, P., R. Kivikkokangas-Sandgren (toim. 2000). En el corazon de pachamama: Andien alkuperäskulttuurien sydänmailla. Helsingin yliopiston maantieteen laitoksen tutkimusretkiraportteja 35, 86 p.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. & N. Lahtinen (ed. 2000). Matka Palestiinaan. Helsingin yliopiston maatieteen laitoksen tutkimusretkiraportteja 33, 55 p.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. (2000). Vaikuttamisen ilo ja ajankohtaisuus akateemisessa maailmassa. Poimntoja Tieteentekijöiden liitos luottamusmiespäiviltä 9.-10.3.2000. Hesingin Yliopiston tieteentekijät 2, 13-19.

Kivikkokangas-Sandgren, R. (1999). Rohkeasti kehitysmaissa ja lähialueilla, 164-167. In Westerholm, J. & P. Raento (ed.) :  Suomen Kartasto 1999. 100-vuotisjuhlakartasto. Suomen Manntieteellinen Seura. WSOY, Porvoo.

More Publications