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University of Helsinki Department of Geography
Department of Geography

Pauliina Raento

Professor of Human Geography
Associate Editor, Political Geography
Recearch Director, The Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research

Ph.D. in Basque Studies (Geography),
University of Nevada, Reno

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Contact Information

Office Hours - Vastaanotot

Department of Geography
P. O. Box 64
00014 University of Helsinki

Tel +358-(0)9-191-50780
Fax +358-(0)9-191-50760

Research Interests

Political Geography
(nationalism, identities, iconography, boundaries, borderlands, propaganda)

Cultural Geography
(popular culture, landscapes, material culture, food)

Geographies of Leisure and Recreation
(casino gaming, place promotion, sports)

Qualitative and Visual Methodologies

Finland, Spain, the United States of America

Publications in English

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Raento, P. (forthcoming in 2011; ed.). Popular Icons of Political Identity. The Geographical Review 101 (Special Issue).

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