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University of Helsinki Department of Geography
Department of Geography

Katariina Kosonen, PhD

Senior lecturer, regional science
Doctor, University of Helsinki, 2000
MSc, University of Helsinki, 1996

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Contact information

Department of Geography
P.O. Box 64
00014 University of Helsinki

tel. +358-(0)9-191 50787
fax. +358-(0)9-191 50760

Doctoral thesis: "The map and the nation:  Finnish press cartography from the protests of oppression years to the images of Greater Finland 1899-1942", 389 p.
Published in Finnish, with a short English abstract.

Research and teaching interests 
- cartographical communication
- history of cartography
- maps in the newspapers and other mass media
- political geography; identities, nationalism
- ICT in education; new learning environments, online education

Current research project
Travel maps and their meanings: mapping the country for Finns and foreign
visitors from 1900's until today.