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University of Helsinki Department of Geography
Department of Geography

Juhani Virkanen, FT (Ph.D.)

Laboratory engineer

+358 9 191 50 769 (work)
+358 40 7041830 (mobile)
+358 191 50 760 (fax)


Fields of Speciality:
  • Physical geography
  • Chemical analyses

Research projects:

Environmental effects of war (presentation PDF)

Recent publications:

Virkanen, J. (2000) The effects of natural environmental changes on sedimentation Lake Kuttanen, a small closed lake in Finnish Lapland. The Holocene 10:3, 377-386

Korhola, A., T. Blom & J. Virkanen (1999). Diatom assemblage changes in relation to sediment characteristics in Töölö Bay, central Helsinki: An example of urban paleolimnology. In: Mayama I. & Koizumi (Eds.) 14th diatom symposium 1996, 479-488.

Virkanen, J. & M. Tikkanen (1998) The effects of forest ditching and water level changes on sediment quality in a small lake Perhonlampi, Centrel Finland. Fennia 176:301-317.

Leinonen R., J. Virkanen & J. Itämies (1997) Heavy metals in moths of Elimyssalo Nature Reserve, Friendship Park. The Finnish Environment 124, 357-360. Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki.