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University of Helsinki Department of Geography
Department of Geography



Janne Heiskanen, MSc

PhD Candidate
Department of Geography
P.O. Box 64
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Tel: +358 (0)9 191 50770

Research interests

  • Remote sensing of land cover and forest vegetation
  • Multiangular remote sensing data
  • Subarctic areas



I have graduated in January 2003 from the University of Turku and started my PhD studies in May 2003. I have four year position as graduate student in geoinformatics.

The working title of my PhD thesis is "Application of multiangular remote sensing data for land cover mapping and monitoring in tundra–taiga transition zone". The project aims to examine the potential of the multiangular observations to improve the accuracy of forest biophysical and inventory variables. The study area is located in northernmost Finland. The satellite data includes medium to coarse spatial resolution MISR ( and MODIS ( data, but also high resolution ASTER ( data. The reference data consist of field measurements and biotope and forest inventory data. The methods include the statistical estimation of forest variables, accuracy assessment of existing land cover products and sensitivity analysis using canopy reflectance models.

My other research interests include remote sensing of boreal forest biomass and phenological monitoring of forest vegetation.

My previous research includes the work as a research assistant in the OMEGA project ( in the University of Turku in 2001–2003.



  • Basics in remote sensing (56301), practicals
  • Processing and analysis of aerial photographs (56455), practicals



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Heiskanen, J. (2003). Assessment of glacier changes and massbalance using Landsat satellite data in Svartisen, Northern Norway. 149 p. MSc thesis. Department of geography, University of Turku. pdf (15 Mb)