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University of Helsinki Department of Geography
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About Department:
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The Department of Geography at the University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest Geography department in Finland. The Department offers excellent research facilities and diverse instruction in a technologically sophisticated and friendly environment. The Faculty has about 25 members.

The Department offers two majors: Geography and Regional Studies. Geography includes Geoinformatics, Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Teacher Education. Regional Studies is divided into Urban Geography, Development Geography, Tourism Geography, and Planning Geography. The Department offers an English-language Master’s program in Geoinformatics. Selected classes in Human Geography are taught in English each year.

The foci of research and teaching at the Department are Remote Sensing & Geoinformatics, Hydrogeography, Urban Geography, Political Geography, and Academic Writing.

The Department is the home of Terra, a quarterly journal of the Geographical Society of Finland. Terra is Finland’s leading geographical journal, published in Finnish and Swedish.

The Department is located at the Kumpula Campus of the University of Helsinki, in the Physicum Building (first floor, Wing A). The same building hosts the Kumpula Science Library.