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Thomas Wagner, research projects



Field-based studies of ore deposits and hydrothermal systems

  • Metamorphic remobilization, mass-transfer and gold mineralization in volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits, Skellefte district, northern Sweden (DFG funded)
  • Stable isotope, fluid inclusion and modeling study of the world-class San Rafael lode tin-copper deposit, southeast Peru
  • Combined geochemical, isotope and modeling study of hydrothermal mineralization related to active and extinct geothermal systems of the Rhine Graben rift system, southwest Germany (PhD student project, DFG funded)
  • Transport and fixation of arsenic in a fossil geothermal system, Sailauf, Germany (PhD student project, DFG funded)
  • Reconstruction of fluid evolution and mineralization processes of the Cirotan epithermal Au-Ag-Sn-W deposit, Java, Indonesia (DFG funded)
  • Formation of calcite-apatite-fluorite veins and associated uranium mineralization in the Wilberforce-Bancroft area, Grenville province, Ontario, Canada
  • Chemistry of mass transfer processes related to the formation of metamorphic veins, Rhenish massif, Germany (PhD student project, DGMK funded)
  • Fluid chemistry and fluid-rock interaction of Alpine veins, Central Alps (PhD student project, SNF funded)

Field-based petrological studies

  • Sulfur isotope and phase equilibria study of the metamorphism of sedimentary pyrite in very-low grade metamorphic rocks
  • Formation of kyanite-quartz veins and aluminum transport during regional metamorphism
  • Mineral evolution and isotope geochemistry of the Varuträsk LCT-type rare metal pegmatite, northern Sweden (MSc student project)
  • Control of wall rock reactions on magmatic evolution of LCT-type rare metal pegmatites, Utö island, central Sweden (MSc student project)
  • Fluid composition and mineral equilibria in low grade metamorphic rocks, Bündnerschiefer, Swiss Alps (Msc student project)
  • Chemical evolution of magmatic-hydrothermal fluids from miarolitic pegmatites, Strzegom granite batholith, SW Poland (MSc student project)

Geochemical modeling of hydrothermal systems

  • Implementation of multi-component fluid, liquid, aqueous and solid-solution models into the GEM-Selektor Gibbs free energy minimization code
  • Thermodynamics of REE complexing and speciation at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • Computational thermodynamic study of hydrothermal alteration processes in granitic rocks
  • Thermodynamics of mixed-solvent aqueous fluids at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • Modeling study of gold scavenging through precipitation of Au-Bi-Te melts from hydrothermal fluids
  • Internally-consistent thermodynamic data for fluid-rock equilibria: Development and applications (PhD student project, ETHIIRA funded)