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Thomas Wagner



Professor of Economic Geology

Department of Geosciences and Geography
P.O.Box 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a)
00014 University of Helsinki

tel: +358-2-941 50835



  • Ore Geology
  • Ore Mineralogy
  • Hydrothermal Geochemistry
  • Geochemical Modeling

Research projects

  • Metamorphic remobilization, mass-transfer and gold mineralization in volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits
  • Fluid composition and mass transfer in metamorphic veins
  • Fluid inclusion and stable isotope constraints on formation of Sn deposits
  • Mineral evolution and isotope geochemistry of rare-element pegmatites
  • Chemistry of magmatic-hydrothermal fluids from miarolitic pegmatites
  • Thermodynamics of fluid-mineral equilibria at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • REE complexing and transport at hydrothermal conditions
  •

Research software development

    We contribute to the development of the GEM-Selektor geochemical modeling computer code, which is well-suited for modeling complex multicomponent-multiphase equilibria between minerals, aqueous fluids, gases and melts. The code can be coupled to physical models such as fluid flow and geodynamic models. Read more...

Latest publications

    Miron G.D., Kulik D.A., Smytrieva S.V., Wagner T. (2015) GEMSFITS: Code package for optimization of geochemical model parameters and inverse modeling. Appl. Geochem., 55, 28-45.

    Bons P.D., Fusswinkel T., Gomez-Rivas E., Markl G., Wagner T., Walter B. (2014) Fluid mixing from below in unconformity- related hydrothermal ore deposits. Geology, 42, 1035-1038.

    Rauchenstein-Martinek K., Wagner T., Wälle M., Heinrich C.A. (2014) Gold concentrations in metamorphic fluids: a LA-ICPMS study of fluid inclusions from the Alpine orogenic belt. Chem. Geol., 385, 70-83.

    Zezin D., Driesner T., Scott S., Sanchez-Valle C., Wagner T. (2014) Volumetric properties of mixed electrolyte aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures and pressures. The systems CaCl2-NaCl-H2O and MgCl2-NaCl-H2O to 523.15 K, 70 MPa, and ionic strength from (0.1 to 18) mol kg-1. J. Chem. Eng. Data, 59, 2570-2588.

    Hingerl F.F., Wagner T., Kulik D.A., Thomsen K., Driesner T. (2014) A new aqueous activity model for geothermal brines in the system Na-K-Ca-Mg-H-Cl-SO4-H2O from 25 to 300°C. Chem. Geol., 381, 78-93.

    Hingerl F.F., Kosakowski G., Wagner T., Kulik D.A., Driesner T. (2014) GEMSFIT: a generic fitting tool for geochemical activity model. Computat. Geosci., 18, 227-242.

    Zwahlen C., Cioldi S., Wagner T., Rey R., Heinrich C.A. (2014) The porphyry Cu-(Au-Mo) deposit at Altar (Argentina): tracing gold distribution by vein mapping and LA-ICPMS mineral analysis. Econ. Geol., 109, 1341-1358.

    Lanari P., Wagner T., Vidal O. (2014) A thermodynamic model for di-trioctahedral chlorite from experimental and natural data in the system MgO-FeO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O. Applications to P-T sections and geothermometry. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 167, 968, 1-19.

    Fusswinkel T., Wagner T., Wenzel T., Wälle M., Lorenz J. (2014) Red bed and basement sourced fluids recorded in hydrothermal Mn-Fe-As veins, Sailauf (Germany): a LA-ICPMS fluid inclusion study. Chem. Geol., 363, 22-39.

    Loges A., Migdisov A.A., Wagner T., Williams-Jones A.E., Markl G. (2013) An experimental study of the aqueous solubility and speciation of Y(III) fluoride at temperatures up to 250°C. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 123, 403-415.

    Marsala A., Wagner T., Wälle M. (2013) Late-metamorphic veins record deep ingression of meteoric water: a LA-ICPMS fluid inclusion study from the fold-and-thrust-belt of the Rhenish Massif, German. Chem. Geol, 351, 134-153.

    Fusswinkel T., Wagner T., Wälle M., Wenzel T., Heinrich C.A., Markl G. (2013) Fluid mixing forms basement-hosted Pb-Zn deposits: insight from metal and halogen chemistry in individual fluid inclusions. Geology, 41, 679-682.

    Miron G.D., Wagner T., Wälle M., Heinrich C.A. (2013) Major and trace element composition and pressure-temperature evolution of rock-buffered fluids in low-grade accretionary-wedge metasediments, Central Alps. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 165, 981-1008.

    Kulik D.A., Wagner T., Dmytrieva S.V., Kosakowski G., Hingerl F.F., Chudnenko K.V., Berner U. (2013) GEM-Selektor geochemical modeling package: Revised algorithm and GEMS3K numerical kernel for coupled simulation codes. Computat. Geosci., 17, 1-24.

    Fusswinkel T., Wagner T., Wenzel T., Wälle M., Lorenz J. (2013) Evolution of unconformity-related Mn-Fe-As vein mineralization, Sailauf (Germany): Insight from major and trace elements in oxide and carbonate minerals. Ore Geol. Rev., 50, 28-51.

    Wagner T., Kulik D.A., Hingerl F.F., Dmytrieva S.V. (2012) GEM-Selektor geochemical modeling package: TSolMod library and data interface for muticomponent phase models. Can. Mineral., 50, 1173-1195.

    Kirnbauer T., Wagner T., Taubald H., Bode M. (2012) Post-Variscan hydrothermal vein mineralization, Taunus, Rhenish Massif (Germany): constraints from stable and radiogenic isotope data. Ore Geol. Rev., 48, 239-257.

    Loges A., Wagner T., Kirnbauer T., Göb S., Bau M., Berner Z., Markl G. (2012) Source and origin of active and fossil thermal spring systems, northern Rhine Graben, Germany. Appl. Geochem., 27, 1153-1169.

    Loges A., Wagner T., Barth M., Bau M., Göb S., Markl G. (2012) Negative Ce anomalies in Mn oxides: the role of Ce4+ mobility during mineral-water interaction. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 86, 296-317.

    Monecke T., Kempe U., Trinkler M., Thomas R., Dulski P., Wagner T. (2011) Unusual rare earth element fractionation in a tin-bearing magmatic-hydrothermal system. Geology, 39, 295-298.

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