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Anders Sirén Ph.D.

Sirén, Anders, Ph.D.
University lecturer in Geography
+358 9 191 50647
Department of Geosciences and Geography
P.O. Box 64
FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland


Research interests

My research focuses on the interactions between human societies and the natural environment, and I combine theory and methods from social as well as natural sciences. I have done field work primarily in Amazonia, where I have studied hunting, fishing, harvest of non-timber forest products (palm leaves), and land use dynamics. I have also been working with method development for vegetation mapping based on remote sensing, and with general theoretical and methodological aspects of research on the harvest of wild species of plants and animals.

Selected publications

Sirén, A. & Wilkie, D. (in press). The effects of ammunition price on subsistence hunting in an Amazonian village. Oryx.

Sirén, A. (2014). History of natural resource use and environmental impacts in an interfluvial upland forest area in western Amazonia. Fennia 192(1):36-53.

Salo, M., Sirén, A. & Kalliola, R. (2014) Diagnosing Wild Species Harvest: Resource Use and Conservation in the Tropics. Elsevier.

Sirén, A., Cardenas, J.-C., Hambäck, P. & Parvinen, K. (2013) Distance friction and the cost of hunting in tropical forest. Land economics 89(3):558-574.

Sirén, A., Tuomisto, H. & Navarrete, H. (2013) Mapping environmental variation in lowland Amazonian rainforests using remote sensing and floristic data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 34(5):1561-1575

Sirén A. H., Montufar R. & Gualinga J. (2013). Palma de wayuri. (The wayuri palm) Pp. 135-143 in: Valencia R., Montúfar R., Navarrete H. & Balslev H. (eds.), Palmas Ecuatorianas: biología y usos sostenible. (Ecuadorian Palms: Biology and Sustainable Use). In Spanish. Publicaciones del Herbario de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador.

Sirén, A. H. (2012). Festival hunting by the kichwa people in the Ecuadorean Amazon‏. Journal of Ethnobiology 32(1):30-50.

Sirén, A. (2011). El consumo de pescado y fauna acuática silvestre en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana. (The consumption of fish and aquatic fauna in Ecuadorian Amazonia). In Spanish. COPESCAL Documento Ocasional 12. FAO.

Sirén, A. H. & Brondizio, E. S. (2009). Detecting subtle land use change in tropical forests. Applied Geography 29(2):201-211

Sirén, A. H. & Machoa, J. D. (2008). Fish, wildlife, and human nutrition in tropical forests: A fat gap? Interciencia 33(3): 186-193.

Sirén, A. (2007) Population growth and land-use intensification in a subsistence-based indigenous community in the Amazon. Human Ecology 35:669-680.

Sirén, A.H. (2006). Natural resources in indigenous peoples’ land in Amazonia: A tragedy of the commons? The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology 13: 363-374.

Sirén, A. H., J. C. Cardenas and J. D. Machoa (2006). The Relation Between Income and Hunting in Tropical Forests: an Economic Experiment in the Field. Ecology and Society 11 (1): 44.

Sirén, A., P. Hambäck & J. Machoa. (2004). Including spatial heterogeneity and animal dispersal when evaluating hunting: A model analysis and an empirical assessment in an Amazonian community. Conservation Biology 18(5): 1315-1329.