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Paola Minoia, PhD


Yliopiston lehtori ja dosentti – University Lecturer and docent in Development Geography

Editor-in-chief of Fennia, International Journal of Geography

Room A133

Department of Geosciences and Geography
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Research topics

Development geography, political ecology, water issues, sustainable tourism, identities, civil society, climate change adaptation, Mediterranean and Africa

My research is mainly focused on issues of (post) development geography, and particularly on the neo-liberalism principles that influence local decision-makers in the Global South, in the fields of water, production and tourism management; construction of identities, and local livelihoods.

Publications in Tuhat


56013 Introduction to Regional Studies

56311 Methodology in Regional Studies, Exercises (BSc)

56123 Methodology in Regional Studies (MSc)

56378 Seminar in Regional Studies (M.Sc.)

564191 Current Debates in Development Geography

56276 Field Excursion in Morocco

564021 Geography of Water Management in Developing Countries

5640210 Global Water Problems

564024 Tourism and Development

562910 Tourism and Constructed Identities