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Markku Löytönen

LöytönenMarkku Löytönen

Department of Geosciences and Geography
University of Helsinki
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00014 Helsinki, Finland

International Geographical Union

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Professor, MSc 1979 and PhD 1986 University of Helsinki. In 1995 he was appointed associate professor at the University of Turku, and 1999 full of human geography at the University of Helsinki. His research interests range from the history of geography and exploration to quantitative methods and GIS with special interest in the geography of health. His list of publications totals over 250 titles, mostly articles, reviews and research reports. He is domestically a well-known author of popular science books, among them three books for children, for which he has received four literature awards. He is on the editorial board or editorial advisory board of Journal of Health and Place, International Journal of Health Geographics, and Belgeo. He has served as the Managing Editor nand later as the Editor of Fennia and has served one term as the Editor of Terra. Löytönen is currently Vice President of the IGU, Past President of the IGU Finnish National Committee, Past President of the Geographical Society of Finland, President of the Finnish Association of Scholarly Publishing, full member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, board member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and first vice-chair of the Finnish Research Council for Biosciences and Environment. He was recently inducted into the Order of the White Rose of Finland.

Selected publications: 

Clive Sabel, Paul Boyle, Gillian Raab, Markku Löytönen et Paula Maasilta (2009). Modelling Individual Time-Space Exposure Opportunities: A Novel Approach to Unravelling the Genetic or Environmental Disease Causation Debate. Spatial and Temporal Epidemiology 1: 1, pp. 85-94.

C.E. Sabel, P.J. Boyle, Markku Löytönen, A.C. Gatrell, M. Jokelainen, R Flowerdew et P. Maasilta (2003). Spatial Clustering of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Finland at Place of Birth and Place of Death. American Journal of Epidemiology 157: 10, pp. 898-905.

Paula Virkkula, K. Hurmerinta, Markku Löytönen, T. Salmi, H. Malmberg et Paula Maasilta (2003). Supine Cephalometric Analysis of Nasal Resistance in Snorers. Laryngoscope 113, pp. 1166-1174.

Sabel, Clive, Anthony C. Gatrell, Markku Löytönen, Paula Maasilta, Matti Jokelainen (2000). Modelling exposure opportunities: estimating relative risk for motor neurone disease in Finland. Social Science & Medicine 50, pp. 1121-1137.

Rosenberg, Mark W., Graham Bentham, Jill Jaeger, Markku Löytönen, Pim Martens, Anthony McMichael, Sunita Narain & Elizabeth Thomas-Hope (2000). Setting and agenda for research on health and environment. Final report. 28 p. Queen's University, Kingston.

More publications: JULKI.