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Matti Kurhila



Post-doctoral researcher

Department of Geosciences and Geography
P.O.Box 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a)
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: +358-9-19150809

eMail:  matti.kurhila(at)

Fields of Research:

  • Granite petrology
  • Geochronology
  • Radiogenic isotope geochemistry

Activites in Associations:

  • Suomen Geologinen Seura ry. [Geological Society of Finland]
  • Suomen Mineraloginen Seura ry. [Mineralogical Society of Finland]


  • Music
  • Literature
  • Travelling
  • Tennis


Fig: Matti Kurhila loading uranium samples to mass spectrometer

Current Projects:

Three dimensional evolution of the middle crust in Central Fennoscandia

Important publications:

Kurhila, M., Mänttäri, I., Vaasjoki, M., Rämö, O.T. & Nironen, M. U-Pb geochronology of the late Svecofennian Leucogranites of Southern Finland. Precambrian Research, accepted.

Kurhila, M., Andersen, T. & Rämö, O.T., 2010. Diverse sources of crustal granitic magma: Lu–Hf isotope data on zircon in three Paleoproterozoic leucogranites of southern Finland. Lithos 115, 263–271.

Heilimo, E., Halla, J., Lauri, L.S., Rämö, O.T., Huhma, H., Kurhila, M.I. & Front, K., 2009. The Paleoproterozoic Nattanen-type granites in northern Finland and vicinity – a postcollisional oxidized A-type suite. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 81, 7-38

Nironen, M. & Kurhila, M., 2008. The Veikkola granite area in southern Finland : emplacement of a 1. 83-1. 82 Ga plutonic sequence in an extensional regime. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 80, 39-68.

Kurhila, M., Vaasjoki, M., Mänttäri, I., Rämö, O.T. & Nironen, M., 2005. U-Pb ages and Nd isotope characteristics of the lateorogenic, migmatizing microcline granites in southwestern Finland. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 77, 105-128.