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Kaya, Ferhat, M.Sc.
Doctoral Student
+358 9 191 50816
Email: ferhat.kaya@helsinki.fi
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Research topics

  • Evolutionary paleontology
  • Paleoecology

Research projects

  • Kirsehir Late Miocene Research Project (2009-present)
  • Sivas Late Miocene Excavation Project (2001-present)
  • Hatay Ucagizli Cave Paleolithic Excavation Project (2000-present)

About me

My PhD project research focus in the area of evolutionary paleontology and paleoecology is to understand African Neogene climatic controls and environmental processes by using the hypsodonty paleoprecipitation proxy and paleoclimate modeling.

I studied paleoanthropology at the University of Ankara, obtaining a bachelors and a master’s degree, and almost for ten years have participated in paleontological field works in Turkey and Africa under several research projects. I first joined the Middle Awash research project in 2002, and worked for six field seasons in Ethiopia. The Middle Awash study area is one of the world's most important for paleoanthropology. This project greatly improved my survey techniques, excavation experience, and my ability for supervision in fieldwork. I participated in post-master program as a student of Dr. Henry Gilbert, in the paleoanthropology track of the Anthropology Department at California State University, East Bay. Additionally, I worked approximately a year as a laboratory assistant for the Human Evolution Research Center (HERC) at UC Berkeley. My master study in paleoanthropology at Ankara University and California State University I have developed a profound interest in mammal evolution. During my master thesis I studied the evolution of Late Miocene fossil Cricetodontini specimens from Kütahya and Altintas (western Turkey) localities. In this study I described a new species of Byzantinia from Late Miocene of the Altintas Locality (Western Turkey) under the guidance of Engin Ünay and Hans de Bruijn. I am continuing to study on the fossil samples from my thesis and plan to apply some specific analysis before publishing my work. I spent lovely and unforgettable times in the field to collect the samples with Dr. Hans de Bruijn who inspired me to study in this field of area.

While doing fieldwork in Anatolia and Ethiopia I have had a number of significant opportunities where I learned firsthand about evolution and dispersal of mammal species during the Neogene in Africa, Europe, and Asia. My experiences deepened many questions in my mind about evolution, dispersal of Eurasian and African mammals, and their relation with climate change and environment. I will continue the work that Fortelius and others began in 2002, which investigated the implications of mammal fossil specifications to climatic change in Eurasia, by applying their theoretical framework and methodology to African mammalian communities during the Neogene.

Professional publications

2007. Güleç, E., Sevim, A., Pehlevan, C., and Kaya, F., “A new great ape from the late Miocene of Turkey”. Anthropological Science 115: 153-158.

Other publications

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