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Seismic Stations

Seismic StationsThe geographical location and the geological conditions of Finland are favourable for detecting and recording seismic events. The seismograph stations are situated on an old, stable Precambrian bedrock that is seismologically quiet and transfers seismic waves well due to its low attenuation properties.

At present the seismograph network of Finland consists of 19 stations operated by the Institute of Seismology. In addition, there are four stations (OUL, MSF, RNF, SGF; marked blue on the map) operated by the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (University of Oulu) and one station (AAL; marked lilac on the map) operated by University of Uppsala.

One of the stations, FINES is a small-aperture array, others have three-component broad-band or short-period seismographs. Stations are connected to the Institute via Internet or telephone lines. The station at Kevo (KEV) is a part of the global IRIS network. The Finnish network is under continuous development; new station locations are being investigated and existing stations upgraded.

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