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Economic geology is concerned with Earth materials that can be utilized for Economic and/or Industrial purposes.  Commonly the term refers to metallic mineral deposits and mineral resources (ore geology). Under Finnish circumstances these materials include precious and base metals, non-metallic minerals, and dimensional stone. Economic Geology has been a strong graduate and post graduate field for many decades in Finland, and our research and training in Precambrian ore formations is especially well known. Following research projects are ongoing at the Department:  Layered intrusions in Southern Finland (Hyvinkää Gabbro: PGE, Cu, Ilmenite;  Tyrisevä intrusion: Ilmenite, 3D-modeling), Gold and PGE deposits in Southern Finland and PGE and Au placer in Finnish Lapland, Carbonate rocks and Carbonatites, Mineralogy (Southern Ostrobotnia: Fe-Mn deposits; Kemiö Pegmatites).

Natural resources in Geography may be viewed from various angles; political, socio-economic , cultural, development and ecological. The scale of the area or the phenomenon studied matters as well as its dynamics. Natural resources are perceived to have use and non-use values. Following topics are studied at the Department:  natural resource management, land use change detection, environmental change and its impacts on society, mapping of forest resources in Taita area, Kenya, HEVI and LUPU projects (clean water) in the capital area of Finland, Water resource management in the Mediterranean and Africa, Vattaja Dune-LIFE project (recreation, rehabilitation of dune habitats), Resource policies and planning in Russia as well as New animal geography.

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