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Division of Biogeoscience
Division of Geology and Geochemistry
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Institute of Seismology

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Ph.D. and LicentiateTheses in Seismology

Mäntyniemi, Päivi, Macroseismology as a Component of Seismicity Assessments in an Intraplate Region: Studies of Northern Europe with Emphasis on Finland, Ph.D. Thesis in Geophysics, University of Helsinki, 2008

Kuusisto, Minna, Suomen maankuoren kivilajikoostumuksen tulkinta seismisistä aineistoista (ohj.: I. Kukkonen, P. Heikkinen), Licentiate Thesis in Geophysics, University of Helsinki, 2007

Soosalu, Heidi, Seismic activity related to the 1991 Hekla eruption, Iceland (tarkastaja P. Heikkinen),Ph.D. Thesis in Geography, University of Helsinki, 2004