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Division of Geology and Geochemistry
Division of Urban Geograpahy and Regional Studies
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P.O. Box 64
(Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Institute of Seismology

P.O. Box 68
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phone +358 294 1911 (university exchange)
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Laboratories and Facilities

Division of Geology and Geochemistry

Kuva: Ville Rinne

The Division is located at the Kumpula campus, on the ground floor of the Physicum building, in the C-wing.

Telephone Directory


Head of Division

Rämö, Tapani, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology and Mineralogy
+358 2941 50810
Teaching: Petrology, Physical geology, Scientific writing in English
Research: granitoid rocks, Geochemistry, Isotope geology



Karhu, Juha, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology and Mineralogy
+358 2941 50834
P.O. Box 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a)
Office hours by appointment
Teaching: Geochemistry, Isotope geology, Hydrogeology


Salonen Veli-Pekka, Ph.D.
Professor in Environmental Geology
+358 2941 50839
Office hours Tues. 14-16
Teaching: glacial geology, stratigraphy, Quaternary geology, environmental geology
Research: Quaternary stratigraphy, environmental change, glacial sedimentology


University lecturers

Heinonen, Jussi, Ph. D.
Academy Research Fellow
+358 2941 51614, +358 50 448 0254
Teaching: structural geology, igneous petrology
Research: igneous petrology and geochemistry (flood basalts)

Koivisto Koivisto, Emilia, Ph.D.
University lecturer
+358 2941 51566
Teaching: applied geophysics
Research: applied geophysics, global tectonics
Korkka-Niemi Korkka-Niemi, Kirsti, Ph.D.
University lecturer, title of Docent in hydrogeology
+358 50 4156621
Teaching: hydrogeology, geochemistry
Research: hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental geology

University Instructors

Heikkilä Heikkilä, Pasi, M.Sc.
University Instructor
+358 2941 50806
Teaching: crystallography and mineralogy, XRF analysis
Research: Fe-Mn deposits, chemical sedimentary rocks
Larjamo Larjamo, Kirsi, M.Sc.
University Instructor
+358 2941 50807
Teaching: thin sections, microscopy, crystal optics

Mineralogy Laboratory personnel

Michallik, Radoslaw M., Dipl.-Min.
Laboratory Engineer
02941 50841
microbeam laboratory, sample preparation