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Division of Biogeoscience

Kuva: Ville Rinne

The Division of Biogeoscience is located at the Kumpula campus, on the ground floor of the Physicum building, in the A-wing. Some of the divisions employees are situated in the Exactum buildning, in the C-wing, 4th floor.

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Personal email addresses are if not mentioned otherwise. Letters å, ä and ö will be replaced by letters a, a and o.

Head of Division

Fortelius Fortelius, Mikael, Ph.D.
Professor of Evolutionary Palaeontology
+358 2941 50837
Office hours Weds. 13-14
Teaching: Palaeontology
Research: History and processes of life


Luoto Luoto, Miska, Ph.D.
Professor of Physical Geography
Office hours Thurs. 10-11
+358 2941 50768
Teaching:  physical geography, modelling, geomorphology,  biogeography and global change
Research: spatial modelling, biogeography,  global change, periglacial environment
Pellikka Pellikka, Petri, Ph.D.
Professor of Geoinformatics
+358 2941 51068, +358 50 4154701
Teaching subjects: remote sensing, geoinformatics
Fields of research: remote sensin, geoinformatics, land cover and land use change research
Rinne, Janne, Ph.D.
Professor of Earth System Science
+358 2941 50574, +358 50 4154872
Teaching: Earth System Science, Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, Measurement methods (gas exchange, meteorology)
Research: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, wetlands as a part of climate system, hydrocarbon emissions from vegetation
Seppä Seppä, Heikki, Ph.D.
Professor of Quaternary Geology
+358 2941 50820
Soininen Soininen, Janne, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Spatial Environmental Research (tenure track)
Office hours: Weds. 10-11
+358 2941 58465
Teaching: biogeography, macroecology
Research: biogeography, macroecology

University Lecturers

Ruth Ruth, Olli, Ph.D.
University lecturer in Physical Geography
+358 2941 50765, +358 40 56 28348
Office hours Weds. 13-14
Teaching: Physical Geography, Geography
Research: Urban streamsm, Hydrology, Urban envinronment, Physical geography
Siljander Siljander, Mika, Ph.D.
University lecturer in Geoinformatics, until 31.7.2014
+358 2941 50786
Research: Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote sensing (MODIS data), Forest fires
Photo Sirén, Anders, Ph.D.
University lecturer in Geography
+358 2941 50647
Research: Management of harvested wild species, Spatial bioeconomic modeling, Land use dynamics, Habitat mapping using remote sensing, Common pool resource management, Amazonian human ecology

Postdoctoral Researchers, Ph.D. Students