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Geology as Science

Photo: Lissu Kaivolehto

Geology studies the structure and composition of the Earth’s surface layers. Through the study of strata geology  the differentiation of the Earth’s geological layers, tracks the movements of the lithospheric plates, maps the traces of the ice ages and studies the birth and developement of life on Earth.

The aim of geology is to form a synthesis of Earth’s history beginning from the beginning stages of the solar system through the formation of the first seas, the early atmosphere and the evolution of life to the present moment. The chemical and mineral composition of the earth’s crust and mantle, the structure and order of the sedimentary strata and fossil remains found in them, the exploration and evaluation of mineral resources and a myriad of other subjects are studied in the varied fields of geology. Geological expertise is requred in studies of human effects to the atmosphere, the seas and our environment for comparison agains the natural processes affecting these systems.

Photo: Division of Geology
Students and faculty on an excursion by Vasara ry, the student assiociation.

Geology involves aspects of both a pure and an applied science. Chemical, physical, mathematical and biological methods are routinely applied and developed as needed in geological studies. The economical impact of geology is founded on the exploration, study and use of mineral resources and the evaluation of environmental changes. The samples used in geological research come from nature and a great part of the studies in geology invole work done in the field.