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Professor Peter Clark, Ph.D DElete.


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Professor of European Urban History since 2000.

Academic Career

  • Visiting Fellow, Royal Flemish Academy, Brussels spring spring 2002, 2003, 2007
  • Visiting Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 1999-2000.
  • Director of the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester 1985-99.
  • Visiting Professor, William and Mary College, Virginia 1987-88.
  • Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1972-3
  • Educated at Balliol College, Oxford and graduated (Modern History first class) in 1966.
  • Research Fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford.
  • Lecturer, Reader and later Professor of Economic and Social History, University of Leicester, 1975-1999.
  • He has also lectured extensively in Europe, North America and Japan.


  • Treasurer, European Association of Urban Historians 1989-
  • Member of the International Commission for the History of Towns 1985-
  • Former member of the Council of the Royal Historical Society
  • Corresponding Member, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

Research Areas

Has organised many projects and written or edited over fifteen books on urban and social and cultural history, mostly related to early modern Britain. Increasingly interested in European comparative studies he has led a Project on Space, Nature and Culture in the City: Helsinki, Stockholm, London, St Petersburg 1850-2000 ( Academy of Finland grant 2001-4), in conjunction with well known scholars in Finland, Britain, Sweden and Russia leading to a major publication in 2006 (see below). He has recently completed a linked project on Green Space and Sport in European Cities in the Twentieth Century (funded by the University European Networks programme and Nessling Foundation) working with historians, ecologists, and geographers: a publication is forthcoming. His major book European Cities and Towns 400-2000 was published by Oxford University Press in 2009. He is now working on a study of global cities from early times and on the dissemination of cultural innovation in the Europe in the long 18th century.

Major Publications Include

Editor with Paul Slack Crisis and Order in English Towns 1500-1700 (Routledge, 1972, new edition 2006)

English Towns in Transition 1500-1700 with Paul Slack (Oxford University Press, 1976)

Editor, The Early Modern Town (Longman, 1976)

English Provincial Society 1500-1640 (Harvester, 1977)

Country Towns in Pre-Industrial England (Leicester University Press, 1981)

The English Alehouse: A Social History (Longman, 1983); awarded the Royal Historical Society Whitfield Prize

Editor with David Souden Migration and Society in Early Modern England ( Hutchinson, 1987)

Editor, Small Towns in Early Modern Europe (Cambridge University Press, 1995), paperback edition 2002

Editor with B. Lepetit, Capital Cities and their Hinterlands in Early Modern Europe (Ashgate, 1996)

British Clubs and Societies (Oxford University Press, 2000); paperback edition 2002

Editor, Cambridge Urban History of Britain vol. 2 1540-1840 (Cambridge UP, 2000), 900pp.

General Editor, Cambridge Urban History of Britain 3 vols. 85 contributors (Cambridge UP, 2000)

Editor with R. Gillespie, London and Dublin in the Early Modern Period ( British Academy, Oxford Univ.Press, 2001

Editor, The European City and Green Space 1850-2000 (Ashgate, 2006)

European Cities and Towns 400-2000 (Oxford UP, 2009)