Sámi Studies

There are around 50,000–100,000 Sámi living in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. Some of them live outside the actual Sámi areas, for example in the capital cities. Sámi studies provide students with a good perspective on multiculturalism in Finland and on questions concerning minority cultures and languages and ethnic identity. The knowledge gained during the studies can be used in various expert positions. The aim of the studies is to give students the skills to pursue careers throughout the world that require knowledge of minority and indigenous peoples.

Studies in Sámi focus on the Sámi, their languages, culture and history from a multidisciplinary perspective. The Sámi languages are examined in particular within the framework of minority issues and ethnohistory.  A sound practical proficiency is achieved in Northern Sámi in particular. The studies also cover the natural environment in the Arctic and ecological questions in the north, and examine the traditional livelihoods of the Sámi and the changes to them. In addition to the material culture, students are introduced to the spiritual culture, for example the religion, mythology, art and folklore and literature of the Sámi.

Sámi studies can be taken as a major or minor subject at the basic and intermediate levels. Master’s students can take Finno-Ugrian language studies as their major subject and specialise in Sámi studies.

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