Finnish Language and Culture (in Finnish)

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Finnish Language and Culture is a degree programme offered by the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies. It is intended for immigrants and international students who have not received their pre-university education in Finland and for those students who have taken Finnish as a foreign language in matriculation examination in Finland. The entire programme is taught in Finnish. Students who complete this degree programme can make better use of their own linguistic and cultural knowledge within Finnish society. After graduating they can teach Finnish or work as translators or as experts in Finnish language and culture in companies and institutes in Finland and abroad. Specialists who know many languages are in permanent demand in the labour market - not only as translators and teachers but also in other fields.

It is possible for students to get a bachelor’s degree (BA) and a master’s degree (MA) in Finnish Language and Culture.

Information about degree requirements, Finnish Language and Culture as a minor, courses for semester 2016–2017 and other important matters can be found in Finnish.

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