Baltic-Finnic Languages

Baltic-Finnic Languages

Studies in the Baltic-Finnic languages include Finno-Ugrian languages in the north-eastern Baltic region, their relationship to each other and to neighbouring languages. The Estonian language and culture “study line” focuses on subjects relating to Estonia, the Estonian language and Estonian society.

The main questions of the general study line are minority languages and the changing language area. The main focus is on the Baltic-Finnic languages with a small number of speakers, spoken in the geographic area that extends from west Latvia, through Estonia, Ingria, northwest Russia and Karelia to Finland. The perspective on language and areal changes is primarily theoretical. Language contacts as well as changes in minority and majority languages create a unique perspective on the development of the linguistic and cultural situation in the Baltic region.

The Estonian Language and Culture study line focuses on acquiring basic skills in the Estonian language, developing language proficiency and acquiring diverse cultural knowledge about Estonia. The central starting point is the wide-ranging interaction across the Gulf of Finland, characterised by various cultural connections and social contacts. Estonian studies offered at the University of Helsinki are the largest and most varied in the field outside Estonia.

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