The department’s research is of high quality and highly rated. Every year, the department produces several doctoral theses and more than a hundred  Master’s Theses.

The short-term aim is to strengthen cooperation in the common research areas of the degree programmes in the department and to increase cooperation in research methodologies. The key issues are cooperation in current research projects and building joint projects across subject and language boundaries. Postgraduate education and international relationships will be further developed.

Teaching in the department is research-based. Researchers working on research projects engage in teaching and the teaching schedule enables teaching staff to have periods devoted to research. The expertise of doctoral students and post-doc researchers is used in teaching and in supervising theses.

 An interdisciplinary and international approach is part of the profile of research activities. The department’s partners in research cooperation are described in the Research cooperation section.

The department has its own linguistic archives, the most important of which are the Morphology Archive and the Finnish and Swedish Conversation Analysis Archives. Much of the data have been digitized (see, for example, the Digital Morphology Archive).